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Concordia Study looks at effectiveness of classroom technologies

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A new study looks at how students and faculty perceive the effectiveness of technologies used in the classroom Рcheck out the press release 

…and if you can read French, the study.


In Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks –

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Are we surprised? Not really…an interesting read:

In Digital Age, Students Still Cling to Paper Textbooks –

(thanks resourceshelf for the pointer!)

New Nielsen Study Debunks Myths

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In June, Nielsen released the study How Teens Use Media: A Nielsen Report on the Myths and Realities of Teen Media Trends. The study debunks the digital native/digital immigrant argument that teens use technology much differently than their parents. One interesting point the report makes is that teens are not abandoning old school media like TV, newspapers and radio – in fact, teens in the U.S. are watching more TV than ever, it states.¬† This is contrary to what Taspscott asserts in his book Grown Up Digital. Tapscott talks about Net Gens compared to their parents at their age though:¬† “The Net Generation watches a lot less TV than their parents did at their age – only 14.4 hours per week.” (P. 42). Then again, if you look at the footnote to that statement, Tapscott’s U.S. data totally negates that claim. Anyhoo – an interesting report from Nielsen that we’re looking forward to exploring further!

We’ve updated our presentation slides

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We’ve updated our slides and here they are: The Kids Are Alright – Or Are They? (PDF) We are looking forward to presenting our findings at Wilfred Laurier University Library tomorrow!

Slides & Bibliography from OLA Superconference 2008 Presentation

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Kids are Alright – or Are They?