About this blog

We are two librarians at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. We will use this blog to share our research and findings from our project: The Kids Are Alright…Or Are They?: The Technology Skills of and Use of Web2.0 by Millennials. We regularly hear about the technological prowess of the Millennials. These “digital natives” have been attributed with the ability to process informatoin, make decisions, multitask and learn new technologies better than any generation that has come before them. Are their brains bigger? Are they smarter? Can we take their information literacy for granted? Is there a danger in equating technological fluency with information literacy? What are the implications for library service delivery? And what are the true competencies of this generation when it comes to the effective use of information and critical thinking? We hope to learn if the kids are, in fact, alright.

Another facet of our research is the use of web2.0 and library2.0 (as it has come to be known) technologies by Millennials. The research has been telling us to go where our (Millennial) users are. Are they really there? If the library goes there, do they really care? We will explore this too!

Cynthia & Jenn


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