New Report from Project Information Literacy

Thanks to K. Schneider at Free Range Librarian for the heads-up about this new report on the information seeking behaviour of college students.  It is called Lessons Learned:  How College Students find Information in the Digital Age.

People may take it as bad news that students don’t go to librarians very often for help, but I agree with Karen – we gotta change our focus.  If we want students to use the library and library resources more, we have to get instructors to expect them to do it.

How many librarians are working on getting the library into curriculum and assignment development processes?  That is where the work has to happen.   It certainly became clear to us (one of those “I’ve always known it and now I know it” moments) in results from our own student surveys – students use library resources when asked to by their instructors e.g. when told to look for “peer-reviewed” resources.

Instructors out there – do you check your library resources when you’re developing courses, or assignments or reading lists?


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